Wallcross backs tech-based cost disruptors, helping them traverse obstacles and reach new heights.

We believe in founders and companies innovating outside the mainstream, disrupting through tech to radically drive down costs.

Instabox, Unloc, Nordic Unmanned
Northvolt, Soundsensing, Marco Polo Network,

We support powerful, technology-enabled ventures that wedge into established value chains. As they scale, they eliminate frictions and bring down the cost of living for everyone. Our portfolio companies are run by exceptional agents for industry innovation.

Wallcross was founded with the aim to scale new tech-based cost disruptors and develop an exciting legacy investment portfolio

Wallcross builds on a history of successful investing, active ownership as well as societal partnerships.

Wallcross is a successor of real estate developer Urbanium Gruppen AS, which for two decades was a key force in Oslo harbor’s transformation and several small urban developments. At the heart of its advances was a highly entrepreneurial spirit, risk tolerance, deep cost focus and contribution of biological diversity. In recent years, the company also identified and backed promising ventures which today forms the basis of the current portfolio.

As investors we build on this heritage and contribute capital to a diverse set of founders outside of the mainstream that radically drive down costs, improve business processes and the qualities of a living society. We conduct fundamental research, engage with founders and management and adopt a longer-term investment horizon.

Beyond direct investments in early stage businesses, public equities and bonds, Wallcross is also a limited partner in a focused group of venture capital funds managed by some of the most innovative investment teams in Norway and globally.

Like our portfolio, these funds strategies tend to be focusing on disruptive tech and provide management teams with tools and capital to advance digitalization and a sustainable ESG agenda.

Over the last 15 years, Wallcross has funded Norwegian Red Cross’ program development for former prison inmates (Nettverk etter Soning). The program provides education and preparatory services for job applicants and aims to alleviate the loneliness and isolation of equals crossing that wall back to society.

Wallcross launched in 2022 by siblings Andreas Pay and Ingrid Brunborg Pay. The company is run day-to-day by Andreas, a former financial advisor who in recent years ran Urbanium together with his father Espen.

We are always looking for new founders and companies to invest in. If you want to reach out to us you can either send us a mail or call us at +47 976 64 640.

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